Open letter to shareholders and board of directors of Manning & Napier, Inc.


Rochester, New York, October 17, 2018 — Today, Zarvic Brothers released the following open letter to shareholders and board of directors of Manning & Napier, Inc.

October 17, 2018

As a follow up to our September letter to the Board of Directors of Manning & Napier, Inc. In past earnings calls the management of Manning & Napier always paints a rosy picture of what is in reality a bleak situation that I fear could turn out like that of Eastman Kodak. There is much to unpack and debunk within the Board of Directors, as well as upper management and I look forward to doing this in the coming weeks and months. 

The primary concern of the management has been their own compensation, potential liability, and reputations. For instance the total compensation for Chuck Stamey ($1,455,511), Ebrahim Busheri ($1,989,899), Richard Yates ($713,756) Beth Galusha ($363,756), etc. It appears they have bonus's and other equity paid out immediately

Manning & Napier desperately needs new leadership. Despite our efforts, the “old guard” directors still seem to defend CEOs that are incapable of (1) introducing new products that do more than play catch up to competitors and (2) acknowledging that cost cutting alone, particularly in sales fees, marketing, R&D, and customer service, is not a formula for changing the current alarming revenue trajectory of single digit year over year percentage returns on equity (ROE). Manning & Napier, Inc. stock under perform's the S&P 500 Index dramatically over the past years. Perhaps their defense is not so remarkable given the CEO's, upper management including Ebrahim Busheri, are part of the old guard.

The Manning & Napier, Inc. board is delusional, they think everyone is wrong, the shareholders, analyst, and corporate governance experts, only they in their infinite, benevolent wisdom, know whats best for our company. 

If long tenured directors at Manning & Napier, Inc continue to refuse to acknowledge that change is needed, then we believe it is mandatory for shareholders to speak up and demand that further new blood be introduced into the boardroom. It has been shown time and time again that replacing an ineffective CEO, or in this case CEOs can lead to increased dollars of value creation for ALL shareholders. We are hopeful that a change in senior leadership will lead to increased creation of shareholder value. The long tenured members of the board seem to have their heads in the sand just like at Eastman Kodak. There is still time for change, but very little time. Stay tuned for more. 


Nicholas Stirpe Jr.

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